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Action-Packed Fantasy Books

Check out these adventure-filled fantasy novels!

Amazing Biographies to Download

Learn about an amazing person with these amazing life stories. All are available to download as an ebook. 

Animal & Human Relationships

Enjoy this collection of books about human/animal relationships from the Ohio Digital Library. If you are interested in looking at magazines about pets, just go ...
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Animal & Human Relationships

[No description provided]

Anti-Racist Books for Teens

From protests to riots to using your voice to speak out - these titles will show how teens can be anti-racist and how BLM/Civil Rights movements began. Many of these ...
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Anti-Racist Books for Youth

These books talk about race in America and what it means to be anti-racist. These non-fiction books are geared for grades 3 and up, but are important for all ages. M ...
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Anti-Racist Picture Books

Start the conversation about race in America with your little ones with these remarkable picture books. More titles like these can be found on our website using the ...
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Antiracism Booklist

[No description provided]

Best Friend Stories

Books starring best friend duos (or trios!).

Best-Selling Books

Best-selling picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, and non-fiction for kids!

Black Girl Magic

Books that celebrate the beauty, power, and resilience of black female teens. 

Books 100 Pages or Less

Read or listen to these stories that are 100 pages or less. All are available from Ohio Digital Library.

Books Adapted into Movies

eBooks and eAudiobooks that have been adapted into movies. Read the book before (or after) seeing the film!

Books Based on a True Story

Unbelievable! This books are all based on true stories and events!

Books Published in 2020

New reads for kids published in 2020.

Books Set in Ohio

Read or listen to books set in Ohio. Check out on Ohio Digital Library.

Books Set In Other Countries

Picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction set in countries outside the United States.

Books Set in the Summer

Get ready for some fun in the sun with these titles set during summer!

Books That Are Older Than You! (But Still Good)

Books that are at least ten years old and have stood the test of time.

Books to Make You Think

Check out these non-fiction titles to expand your knowledge and world views. 

Books With a Number in the Title

1, 2, 27, 3000...check out these books with numbers in their titles. 

Books with One-Word Titles

Some great reads with one-word titles!

Books without Human Characters

Books with animals, space creatures, and mythical creatures as the main character.

Books Written by a First Time Author

Read an author's first work!

Classic Books for Kids

Favorites of kids and parents throughout the years.

Cozy Read Alouds for Families, Ages 0-5

Curl up with a great story, perfect for reading aloud as a family. 

Cozy Read Alouds for Families, Ages 6-12

Curl up with a great story, perfect for reading aloud as a family. 

Doreen's 10 Favorite Books

I love books about my favorite hobbies: baking, gardening and knitting. Plus a variety of fiction & non-fiction! - Doreen, Adult Services Associate

Dude Books

Great books about dudes that make you stop and say "Dude" .

Elizabeth's 10 Favorite Books

I love a bit of romance, a good best seller and a touch of historical fiction. - Elizabeth, Adult Services Librarian

Erik's 10 Favorite Books

I love a good suspense-filled thriller. - Erik, Adult Services Librarian

Fairy Tales & Myths for Ages 6-12

Turn those classic fairy tales and myths on their heads with these retellings of stories from around the world.

Fairy Tales with a Twist

These picture books celebrate favorite fairy tales...with a new twist!

Family Read Alouds

Looking for books to read as a family? Here are some suggestions that you can read aloud or listen to as a family. 

Fantasy for Young Readers (3rd-5th Grade)

Explore new worlds with these first-in-a-series fantasy finds for 3rd-5th grade.


If you enjoy gardening or looking at gardens, take a look at these online books from The Ohio Digital Library.  If you enjoy looking at gardens click on any of ...
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Goodreads Best Books of 2019

The winners of the 11th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards, the only major book awards decided by readers. 

Great Books for 11 & 12 Year-Olds

Check out these awesome books aimed for 11 & 12 year-olds. 

Great Non Fiction for Kindergartners

[No description provided]

Here Be Dragons

Enjoy these books for adults that feature dragons. 

Here Be Dragons

[No description provided]

How to Be Kind

Kindness can change the world. 

I Will Drink Your Blood

Place these books about vampires on hold today. 

If You Like Harry Potter Try These

You've read all the Harry Potter books, multiple times . . . . now what? Find your next adventure here!

If You Like Hunger Games, Try These...

If you like the dystopian Hunger Game series, try out some of these other books.

Indoor Fun for Families

Discover ways to stay busy during the coldest months of the year.

Jessica's 10 Favorite Books

I enjoy a mix of narrative non-fiction, paranormal romance, humor, mystery, and fantasy. - Jessica, Adult Services Librarian

Lauren's 10 Favorite Books

I enjoy romance novels, cookbooks & real-life medical stories. - Lauren, Reference & Technology Associate

LGBTQ+ Fantasy & Science Fiction

These fantasy and science fictions books star LGBTQ+ characters. 

Magic, Monsters, Mayhem, & Murder

[No description provided]

Making Decisions

Making wise decisions is important to everyone.  So, here is a display of online books where critical decisions are key to the plot. Decisions are also importan ...
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Megan's 10 Favorite Books

I love fantasy! - Megan, Adult Services Librarian

Middle School Book Recommendations

Check out these awesome books aimed for grades 4th-6th!

Mindy's 10 Favorite Books

I enjoy historical fiction, cozy reads and a touch of young adult literature. - Mindy, Adult Services Librarian

Mysteries for Kids

Bundle up with a page-turning mystery. 

Mysteries for Kids

Mysteries perfect for ages 8-11, available as eBooks or eAudiobooks.

Non-Fiction for Middle School Readers

Calling all 4th-6th graders! Like learning about real-life things and people? Then these books are for you. 

Non-Fiction That Reads Like Fiction

These books are true stories written in the style of a fiction novel. Engaging, interesting, and easy to read!

Non-Fiction That Reads Like Fiction

[No description provided]

One-Word-Title Books for Kids

Books for kids with short-but-sweet one-word titles.

Puzzling Reads

[No description provided]

Read the Rainbow - Pride Picture Books

These Picture Books and Board Books feature stories and characters who are LGBTQIA+. 

Reading in Riverdale

Love Archie and the Gang on Riverdale? These reads will transport you to the quaint and creepy town of Riverdale. 

Realistic Fiction You Can't Put Down

These teen titles grip your soul and make you want to read them from cover to end without taking a breath. 

Recommended Romance

[No description provided]

Recommended Thrillers

[No description provided]

Romantic Fiction

Fall in love with these books about dating, first loves, crushes and more - all appropriate for middle grade readers!

Scary Books for 4th and 5th Graders

Download a creepy tales that may keep you up at night. 

Science & Nature Reads

[No description provided]

Smile Read-Alikes

Raina Telgemeier fans rejoice! There are other fantastic graphic novels to discover.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Place these books about witches on hold today! 

The Future is Female

YA girls take on the patriarchy.

There's a Mythical Creature in My Picture Book!

Unicorns, dragons, and Bigfoot...Oh my! Discover all sorts of amazing mythical creatures in these picture books!

Thriller Series

Do you like to read thrillers?  These are the first books in ten different series by various authors.  If you want to see what book comes next in these or ...
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What the Library Book Clubs are Reading in 2020

What is everyone else reading? Take a look at what the library book clubs are reading for 2020. 

What the Library Book Clubs are Reading in 2020

What is everyone else reading? Take a look at what the library book clubs are reading for 2020. 

What the Library Books Clubs Read in 2020

[No description provided]

Who Would Win?

Animal vs animal, person vs person--who would win these ultimate match-ups?

Winter Reads for Ages 0-5

Enjoy a wintry, snow-filled tale for ages 0-5.

Winter Reads for Ages 6-12

Enjoy a wintry, snow-filled tale for ages 6-12.

Antiracism: A Starter Booklist

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, ...
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Birth to 12 Months

[No description provided]

Facing Racism

These are fiction books for Tweens that discuss racism.

Fairly Tales & Folktales for Ages 0-5

Classic stories, often with a twist, for ages 0-5.

Picture Books to Make You Laugh

Laugh-out-loud with these picture book favorites.

Shine Bright

Explore space with your little ones as you read about the stars and our universe. These books shine as bright as the sun!

12 to 24 Months

[No description provided]

Audiobooks for Families

Great listens for families with children of all ages.

eAudiobooks for Families

Great listens for the whole family, available to stream or download as e-audiobooks.

Out of This World

Travel as far as the sun and as close as the moon, these children's books will take you around the universe. From nonfiction to fiction, these space books are out of this world!

Picture Books to Download

All of the books on this list can be downloaded and read on the Cloud Library App or browser with your Westerville Public Library card. Check out a lot more on the Cloud Library app!

Read the Rainbow- Pride Fiction for Tweens

These fiction books feature stories and characters who are LGBTQIA+. Perfect for 8-12 year old readers. 

2 to 3 Year Olds

[No description provided]

Fairy Tales Re-Imagined

These books are all twists on fairy tales! They are titles geared towards 3rd-6th graders. 

Fairy Tales Re-Imagined for Teens

These books are all twists on fairy tales! 

First Chapter Books to Download

Ready to read on your own? Try these beginning chapter book series downloadable in Cloud Library. 

Space Out

Houston, we have a problem! What if space was the only place you knew? Space out with these (inter)stellar YA books, taking place all over the universe.

4 to 5 Year Olds

[No description provided]

Among the Stars

What if there is life on another planet? There are infinite possibilities of what the universe holds. You never know what you'll find, as you read these books among the stars!

Beginning Readers to Download

These are a  selection of ebooks you can download from Cloud Library with your Westerville library card. Browse the App to discover more titles!

Imagination Picture Books

Read a Picture Book about the joys and creativity of the imagination!

Fairy Tales Around the World

Enjoy a Cinderella story from Africa or Red Riding Hood from China, plus many more tales from around the world!

Explore New Worlds

Adventures for readers just starting chapter books (grades 1-3). 

Folk and Fairy Tale Readers

Try beginning reader stories based on traditional folk and fairy tales.

Baby Favorites

eBooks perfect for ages 0-2.

Banned Books

This list features books that have been challenged or banned.

Toddler Favorites

eBook favorites for ages 2-3.

Graphic Novels for Ages 6-12

Download a new favorite graphic novel. Possibly discover a new favorite series!

Fun Facts!

Read about incredible, amazing, weird, wacky, and fun facts on all kinds of topics! 

Interactive Picture Books

Read and interactive picture book, where you become part of the story.

DIY At-Home Fun

Explore DIY at-home crafts, experiments, and more perfect for the whole family. 

History's Mysteries

Read about real mysteries from the past that are still not resolved. (nonfiction/upper elementary)

Best Friends

Best friend stories for everyone beginning to read (K-2).

Creepy Stories for Kids

From just a little spooky to spine-tinglingly creepy titles (upper elementary-tween).

Summer Snack Picture Books

Get ready for some stories about sweet treats! This picture books all focus on some of our favorite summer snacks!

Oh Yuck! This List is Gross!

GROSS! Read about real life disgusting animals, strange deaths, icky foods, and more! 

Science Fiction

Out of this world titles for ages 6-12. 

Sports Fiction

These sports stories are sure to be big hits for 3rd-6th graders.

Video Game Fans

Transform your love for gaming into a love of reading. 

Historical Fiction

A blast from the past! Explore these great fiction titles all based around real people, places, or events!(8-12)

Laugh Out Loud

Humorous chapter books to tickle your funny bone. 

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