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Reading Lists
A Walk in the Woods

A walk in the woods--from camping to hiking and cooking over a fire. Also enjoy some fictional titles set within the forest. 

Animals & Pets

Practice animal sounds or discover a new dream pet inside these books. 

Animals in Art: Crafting with an Animal Theme

Let these cute animal ideas inspire your next craft project at home. Includes everything from knitting and crochet to drawing and painting.

Anti-Racist Books for Teens

From protests to riots to using your voice to speak out - these titles will show how teens can be anti-racist and how BLM/Civil Rights movements began.

Are You Scared Yet?

Books that will send a shiver up your spine.

Baby Faces

Babies love looking at other babies!

Baby Favorites

Favorite books for babies ages 0-2. 

Bedtime & Bathtime

Prepare for bedtime or bathtime with these snuggle-filled reads.

Bees & Beekeeping

These books will be all the buzz in your reading list. 

Beginning to Read

Are you ready to start reading on your own? Try these favorite series designed for beginning readers. 

Being Kind

Kindness rocks!

Birds & Bird Watching

Enjoy these books to learn all about birds or learn some new tips and tricks to enhance your backyard bird watching. 

Books for Gamers

Whether you are a noob or a pro, these books will take your gaming to the next level!

Books on Kindness & Empathy

Kindness can change the world. 

Books that Make You LOL

Middle-grade chapter books that will make you grin ear-to-ear.

Buggy Books

Welcome to the wonderful world of insects, from identification guides to homages on a certain classification of insect. Enjoy this collection of buggy books. 

Change the World

Make the world a better place with each small action. 


Dinosaur Stomp! Dinosaur Romp! Keep an eye out for friendly dinos.

Dinosaurs, Fossils & Other Extinct Creatures

From dinosaurs to woolly mammoths, discover tales of long ago creatures. 

Doreen's 10 Favorite Books

I love books about my favorite hobbies: baking, gardening and knitting. Plus a variety of fiction & nonfiction! - Doreen, Adult Services Associate

Down on the Farm

Enjoy these animal tales straight from the barnyard. 

Early Literacy: Play Together

Playing encourages your child to put their thoughts into words, tell stories, problem-solve and imagine. All of these skills will help them become better readers and writers when they start school.

Early Literacy: Read Together

From birth, your baby can start to learn about reading, like how to sound out words and what direction to hold a book.

Early Literacy: Sing Together

When you sing, you slow down words. This helps your child hear the smaller sounds, learn syllables, and develop vocabulary. Singing also helps develop listening and memory skills.

Early Literacy: Talk Together

When you talk to your child about different events and ideas, it helps them learn new vocabulary and to use words they know.

Early Literacy: Write Together

Giving children opportunities to write, even if it is just scribbles, helps children understand that print can represent spoken words. 

Elizabeth's 10 Favorite Books

I love a bit of romance, a good best seller and a touch of historical fiction. - Elizabeth, Adult Services Librarian

Erik's 10 Favorite Books

I love a good suspense-filled thriller. - Erik, Adult Services Librarian

Explore Outdoors

Plant a garden, climb a tree, and venture into the great outdoors with these wild favorites.

Explore Scientists & Inventors

Explore, imagine, create! These nonfiction books about scientists and inventors are sure to inspire!

Family Love

Families come in all shapes and sizes. What does your family look like?

Family Read Alouds

Curl up with a longer book, perfect to read together as a family. 

Favorite Characters

Find books featuring some of your favorite characters from books, tv, and movies.

Feline Fiction

Enjoy these fictional titles featuring felines. These titles will surely be the cat's meow. 


If you enjoy gardening or looking at gardens, take a look at these online books from The Ohio Digital Library.  If you enjoy looking at gardens click on any of ...
[view detail for full info]

Gardening for Wildlife

Read these books to create a backyard oasis for your favorite outdoor friends--from bees and butterflies to birds and other outdoor wildlife. 

Getting Dressed

Dress, pants, hat, shoes? Show off a style that is unique to you.

Growing Up

Growing up can be tough! Try these reads to make sure you stay brave. 

Here Be Dragons

Enjoy these books for adults that feature dragons. 

Holidays & Celebrations

Celebrate holidays and more special days from around the world.

I Have Superpowers!

Love superheroes? Read about ordinary kids who discover they have extraordinary powers in these superpowered Chapter Books.

I Think I Love You

Books about finding love in unexpected places. 

I Will Drink Your Blood

Place these books about vampires on hold today. 

If You Like...I Survived

If you cannot get enough of the I Survived series, try these!

If You Like...Sarah J. Maas

Calling all Sarah J. Maas fans. These titles will hook you just like Throne of Glass or A Court of Thorns and Roses. For teens and adults. 

Illustrated Animals

Enjoy these graphic novels featuring anthropomorphic characters. 

Jessica's 10 Favorite Books

I enjoy a mix of narrative nonfiction, paranormal romance, humor, mystery, and fantasy. - Jessica, Adult Services Librarian

Kids Like Me

Read about wonderful, amazing kids just like you!

Laugh Out Loud

Ready for lots of giggles?

Lauren's 10 Favorite Books

I enjoy romance novels, cookbooks & real-life medical stories. - Lauren, Reference & Technology Associate

Learn Colors

Practice identifying colors with these vibrant titles.

Learn Shapes

Practice identifying shapes with these favorite reads.

Learn the ABCs

Practice those ABCs with these alphabet books.

Learn to Count

Practice those 123s with these counting books.

Let's Get Creative!

Ignite your imagination and creativity with these nonfiction books about artists and writers.

Lift-the-Flap & Pop-Up

Make reading interactive! Lift flaps, delight in pop-ups, and find special touch-and-feel elements. 

Making Decisions

Making wise decisions is important to everyone.  So, here is a display of online books where critical decisions are key to the plot. Decisions are also importan ...
[view detail for full info]

Man's Best Friend

Enjoy these fiction and nonfiction stories of canine companionship. 

Mindy's 10 Favorite Books

I enjoy historical fiction, cozy reads and a touch of young adult literature. - Mindy, Adult Services Librarian

National Parks

Explore America's National Parks with these titles. 

Nonfiction Fun

Build vocabulary and learn fun facts with these true books. 

Nonfiction that Reads Like Fiction

Check out these true tales that read like fiction. Perfect for those who want to dabble in some lighter nonfiction reading. 

Out of Africa

Read these titles to learn more about the culture, wildlife, recipes and people from Africa. Journey on a safari with a guide or enjoy local flavors through cookbooks inspired by the region. 

Picture Books about Animals

These picture books feature animals who definitely read, and maybe roar! Best for ages 2-6.

Picture Books that Are TOO CUTE!

Need a little extra adorable in your life? These books will have you squealing with delight!

Potty Training

Is it potty training time? Check out these books to make the transition a little easier for your little one. 

Preschool Favorites

Favorite books for preschoolers ages 3-5.

Read, Be Kind & Inclusive

Learn more about being antiracist and celebrate inclusitivioty with these reads. Place a copy on hold today.

Real Stories: Biographies

Learn about real people who grew up to do amazing things. 

Recommended Food & Cookbooks from 2020

Check out these cookbooks and books for foodies published in 2020. Place a hold on a copy today! 

Recommended Romantic Reads from 2020

Check out these romantic reads published in 2020. Place a copy on hold today.

Recommended Thrillers from 2020

Check out this list of suspense and thrillers published in 2020. Place your copy on hold today.


Dragons, dinosaurs, mermaids, snakes. If it's a tale with scales it can be found here.

Science & Nature Reads

[No description provided]


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Why does the weather change?


Perfect choices to welcome a new member of the family. 

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Place these books about witches on hold today! 

Spring Reading for Young Readers

The sun is shining, April showers are on their way, and flowers are blooming all over! Check out these great titles to celebrate the start of spring!

Starting School

Get ready for preschool or kindergarten with these school-themed favorites. 

Talk About Race

Talk to your kids about race and racism. 

The Secret Life of Toys

Discover the secret life of toys in these great Chapter Books.

Things That Go

Vrrooom! Beep! Discover books about things that move fast!

Thriller Series

Do you like to read thrillers?  These are the first books in ten different series by various authors.  If you want to see what book comes next in these or ...
[view detail for full info]

Time to Eat

Find some delicious reads that will make you want to run to the kitchen. Yum! 

Toddler Favorites

Favorite books for toddlers ages 2-3. 

Under the Sea

Books about animals that live in our oceans. 

Unicorns, Fairies & Everything Magic

Find all things magical in these favorite titles. 

What the Library Book Clubs Read in 2020

Check out what the library's book clubs read this year. Place a title on hold today. 

Anti-Racism: A Starter Booklist

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, ...
[view detail for full info]

Magical Journeys (for Babies)

Instill the love of fantasy and magic with your little one with these magical board books!

Mythical Creatures (Picture Books)

Beyond dragons and unicorns! Have you ever seen a sasquatch? Met a mermaid? Flew with a fairy? Expand your creature knowledge with these picture books.

New Fiction

These books are new as of June 2020. They are perfect for 3rd-5th grade readers. 

Stories about Sharing

Learn about the art of sharing with these great picture books and early readers!

Sparkle, Sparkle, Roar! It's Unicorns & Dragons!

Read about all things Unicorns and Dragons in these magic-filled Picture Books!

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons (for Ages 0-6)

Check out these dragon-themed books. 

Magical Reads (First Chapter Books)

Ready to read some magical tales - but aren't quite ready for the big chapter books? These are for you!

Great Nonfiction for Fantasy Fans (for Ages 6+)

These non-fiction titles may be magical, but they are all true!

Starring: Cats!

These picture books star CATS! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 

All About Unicorns (for Ages 0-8)

Check out these magical unicorn books.

Starring: Dinosaurs!

These picture books star DINSOAURS! Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartens. 

Diverse Books for 4th-6th Graders

These books feature diverse characters. All books on this list are geared towards 4th-6th graders. 

Magical Reads (for Beginning Readers)

Explore magical worlds with these excellent beginning reader selections!

Own Voices Chapter Books

Own Voices is a category of book that is used to highlight books written about an underrepresented group and the author is also a part of this underrepresented group ...
[view detail for full info]

Adventures with Magical Creatures

Go on an adventure with the magical creatures in these First Chapter Books.

Animal Adventures

Follow the many adventures of animals in these Chapter Books.

Witches, Wizards, and Wild Things (for Ages 8-12)

Settle in with these magical tales filled with adventure, thrills, and some mythical creatures!

Mythology Based Fantasy (for Ages 8-12)

Are you a fan of Percy Jackson? Love mythology? Then these books are perfect for you!

Picture Books that Celebrate You!

Being you is perfect! Check out these titles that celebrate the awesomeness that is you! 

First Chapter Books that Are TOO CUTE!

Need a little extra adorable in your life? These first chapter books are filled with cuddly creatures, rainbows, and fun!

Magnificent Magical Creatures

Discover the world of magical creatures in these great Early Readers.

Gripping Fantasy

These fantasy stories will grab your attention from the very first pages and keep you reading. Perfect for 4th-6th grade readers. 

Otherworlds (for Teens)

Travel to a new and adventurous place with these amazing fantasy stories set far away from the world we know. 

Diverse Voices in Fantasy

These fantasy titles all feature diverse characters and places.

Feeling Witchy (for Teens)

Prepare a potion, grab a wand, and let these books cast a spell over you!

Friendship Stories for Beginning Readers

These stories focus on that wonderful things called friendship. These are for those readers just starting out. K-1st Grade

Interactive Picture Books

Read an interactive Picture Book, where you become part of the story.

Investigating History

Learn about the mysteries and wonders in history with these books. Most titles are geared towards 3rd-6th grade readers. 

Magic Here & Now (for Teens)

Magic meets our world as we know it in these fantasy books featuring settings that you may recognize.

Stories that Make You Think

These books will make you think about our world in a new light, as well as pull your heartstrings. They are geared towards 4th-6th grade readers. 

Science Fiction

Out of this world titles for ages 6-12. 

Equity, Diversity & Activism

Let your voice be heard. Learn about activists of the past, present, and future and how you can make change in our world. 

Strong Female Characters in Fantasy

These books all feature strong female characters. 

Urban Fantasy

These magical stories all take place in our world and time. 

High Fantasy

These epic high fantasy books take place in other worlds, lands, and eras. 

Creepy Fiction

Make sure you have a belt on - these books will scare your pants off! Fans of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will love these titles!

For Dungeons & Dragons Fans

Do you love playing Dungeons & Dragons? Then check out some of these books!

Great Nonfiction for Fantasy Fans

These non-fiction books feature magic, folklore, and more!

Standalone Fantasy Books

Not in the mood for a lengthy series? Check out these standalone titles.

The ROAR-ing Twenties

Learn all about the people, places, inventions, and events that happened a century ago!

True Stories in History

These true stories tell the amazing acts and lives of people throughout history. Perfect for 4th-6th grade readers.

Fantasy Books for Non-Fantasy Readers

Fantasy not your thing? Try one of these gripping books. 

Things That Go

Planes, trains, and automobiles! Rev up your engines for some great stories featuring your favorite transportation friends.

Stories from the Past

Take a trip to the most exciting times of the past with these awesome reads!

Time Travel

These stories are set in our world but feature characters traveling forward, backward, and even sideways in time!

Dark Fantasy Books

Want a little horror mixed in with your fantasy stories? Then these books are for you. 

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